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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

What a day we had at Flamingo Land!

On Friday 20th June the unit children went on a trip to Flamingo Land. It was very exciting! We went on a bus, and we didn't get our first "Are we there yet?" until Seamer Road! When we did arrive we set off on a tour of the zoo.
The first animals we saw were the lemurs. Laura, our guide, told us a bit about them and we got to walk through the enclosure.



Laura told us that they come from an island called Madagascar.


The Lemurs were enjoying the sun and so were we.



We had a short walk to the next animals.


Laura told us that baby zebras are brown when they are born.





Laura said that on the African Plains the zebra and giraffe and ostrich all live together so they live together at the zoo.

We looked at the lions through the glass, that was the safest way to see them.



A group of lions is called a pride. The pride at Flamingo Land consisted of a dad, a mum and their 4 daughters.



We had to climb some steps and stand on a platform to see the hippos.


Hippos have huge jaws and they can hold their breath underwater for up to 30 minutes.



We stopped for some lunch.







After lunch we went with Laura to Meet a Creature!

We stroked a corn snake, he was scaly and smooth.



Laura told us that corn snakes eat mice and chicks.



We met a bearded dragon!


He was scaly and rough!



In our free time we saw the tiger and her cubs. Wow!



We posed by the emu!



A visit to Flamingo Land wouldn't be complete without seeing the flamingos!



 And a peek at the penguins.



We posed with the penguins.





Our day was nearly over. Just time to fit in a peacock,



...and two emus with an egg!


Time to go back to the bus.
What a fun, fabulous, wonderful, exciting, tiring, full day we had!