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Spring Term Review

Spring Term 2011


Topic: Space


Children: 30 (+1)


Teacher: Surviving


Teaching Assistant: Reclaiming her territory


Preparing to land!

After taking off in January, it is now time to land the Space Fire 600 back on Earth.

From rockets and gravity to life process and the cha cha cha, this term has had all!

We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Lamplaugh who helped us in the first half term whilst Mrs. Adamson was recovering. Thank you Mrs. L!! Big thank you and goodbye also to Miss Hodgson who has finished her placement in Class 6. Good luck with the rest of your course Meg!

In English this term we have written poems, solar system information books, instructions, alien stories and character descriptions. All the time we have tried our best to improve our handwriting and the first pen licences of the year have been handed out! Since January we have had our weekly spelling tests and next term we get to find out who has got into the spelling super league! In our speaking and listening we have been acting out scenes from books as well as delivering our class talks. We have had a very wide range of topics from Luxembourg to Pakistan, from skateboarding to rats. We are just over half way through our talks now and are looking forward to the next ones after Easter. Our reading has continued to get better and better with guided reading, phase 6 phonics work and our ERIC time.


In Maths this term we have had a focus on multiplication. Our times tables are improving week by week and we can get through them all really quickly now. Our class record is 1m 54s. In addition to this we have practised all our calculation skills, looked at measuring length and time, how bar graphs and pictograms work, ordinal numbers, 3D shapes and time.



Multiplication challenge!


Planets bar chart

Our topic this term has taken us far into outer space! We have looked at gravity with eggs, sources of light, life processes, forces and friction. planet making, orbits and satellites, UFOs and aliens, space shuttles and rockets, the Space Race, moon bases, making moon buggies and lots more! As always, Mrs. Shortle has kept us busy on Monday afternoons with our artwork too.


Moon Buggies!


More Moon Buggies!

Gravity Defying Eggs!


Non-quite so successful eggs!


Cars V Friction


Van Gogh Creations


Bird seed pots


Coastival Lanterns

In RE we have been thinking about what makes buildings special. We have thought about what makes our homes special and how Jewish people help to show that. We have also begun to think about baptism and promises.


Special Visitor Worship

All this with some ballroom dancing in PE and Red Nose Day thrown in too!


New Yorker!


Red Nose Day Costume Winners

As we reach the end of another busy term, we can look back on another great topic that we have all enjoyed. With just one term left before we move to the Juniors we can look forward to another busy but fun-packed term to come.

Our next topic is...top secret! We are pretty sure it will be another winner though...

From everyone in Class 6, have a very happy Easter!