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 Interpretation of Policy within our Christian Distinctiveness

As a church voluntary aided school founded on Christian values, the governors regard it as essential that the interpretation of all our policies, whether curriculum based or administrative, is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is important to remember that, in its purest form, our faith is not a legalistic one and is based on the spirit rather than the letter of the law. Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament and the philosophy for life he expanded on in the Sermon of the Mount illustrate this very clearly. Such an approach brought great benefits to ordinary people in everyday life but led Jesus into serious conflict with the Scribes and Pharisees and the Jewish establishment in general.

Today’s world is a very different place, being as it is subject to far greater regulation and legislation than was ever the case in Jesus’ time. Our statutory obligations and duties to our pupils, the wider St Martin’s family and our community are manifold and continue to be increasingly so. As a governing body, we will endeavour to use Christ’s approach –not to undermine policy or statutory requirement or recognised good practice,  but to enhance it. A truly distinctive Christian interpretation of policy within our ethos requires the application of integrity, honour, forgiveness and respect within the labyrinth of codification to make a real difference.  It takes courage and confidence to do this against modern day Scribes and Pharisees  and a clarity of vision to see how this might be manifested.

The governors expect all policies to be administered with this in mind and undertake to hold an annual discussion during a meeting so as to have regard to how effectively we are using our distinctively Christian interpretation.

Paper copies of the policies are available on request.