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PE and Sport Premium

We are hugely fortunate at St. Martin's School to have employed Mrs. Jo Bowman, a PE specialist until July 2017.  Our School values Sports Education at all levels and, in addition to Mrs. Bowman, we employ a P.E. A.T.A., Secretary and the Head Teacher, all of whom form the team to ensure educational and competitive sport takes place effectively.  Part of our our Sports premium paid for Mrs. Bowman's employment, which has had a massively positive impact on our coverage of the PE curriculum, our provision of sporting extra curricula activity and our successes at competition level.  We continue to excel at County level and individual pupils are given the opportunity to shine.  Over the past year we have offered additional coaching for our Gifted and Talented sports pupils, using the expertise of Jon Bowman, a valuable additional teaching resource. Mrs. Bowman has coached the Staff, evaluated our School's standard and encouraged us to become involved with different types of sporting activity, including tennis, gymnastics and Dance. The grant also provides money for improved resource and training. From September 2017 Mr John Bowman has been employed by the School to develop sports for the Gifted and Talented pupils.


Our Sports Premium funding for 2019 - 2020 is £18,310  


The positive impact from the employment of Mr and Mrs Bowman can be assessed by reading the action plan and report below.  We also improved PE resources in School, for both Infants and Juniors.  We have funded new kit for both Boys' football, gymnastics and cross country running.  We improved the climbing apparatus in the playground.



By hiring a qualified and specialist sports teachers to work with teachers this will ensure the quality of PE teaching within St Martin's remains high. 

Sport is now taught more effectively as existing staff have received high quality training , this up-skilling of staff is sustainable. More pupils have been encouraged to take up sport and there is an increased participation in competitive sport.

Sports premium 2019 - 2020

Sports premium 2018-2019

Sports Premium 2017 - 2018

Sports premium impact 2016 - 2017


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