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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

Class 9

A huge welcome to St Martin's School to new and existing parents.

Our new starters have been arriving daily, for the first time staying mornings only. What a pleasure to see such happy smiley children.

We have been making the most of the glorious weather spending lots of time in the outside classroom.

There have been lots of activities on offer and we have also had daily Keyworker sessions to get to know the children better.



Today  is the last day for New Starters, we now have all 41 reception children with us! Wow, it's going to be busy.

We also had Roald Dahl day today, celebrating what would have been his 100th birthday.

We dressed up as his characters, it was fun if a little confusing for some of us!

So now we're all here we can get down to the business of Learning Through Play. We may come home and tell you that we have down nothing at School today, these pictures are a snapshot of just how busy we are!

Beach trip pictures are in: 

Fantastic Flamingo Land

Today (21st June) we visited Flamingo Land zoo and what a brilliant time we had.

We saw lots of different animals and even got to hold and stroke a few.

We took with us a group of brilliantly behaved children, parents you should be very proud.

We had some very tired children on the bus home but as Luca said throughout the day "This has been the best day ever!"

Thank you to all the staff and parents who helped the children have such an amazing time.

Health and Fitness Week 2016

For pictures of some of our events please visit: Magic Moments, Spectacular Sport.

Thank You surprise 

Green Finger Day 2016

Today, 19th May, the unit held another Green Finger Day. The weather wasn't the best but at least it was dry. The children all had a fab time outside, not so sure the mini beasts enjoy our visits! There were lots of activities on the go all organised by our very own Mrs Titchmarsh aka Mrs Shortle!


The children busied themselves digging and weeding, watering and cutting, painting and saving!

The adults were on hand to encourage and support if needed.

The children in the Unit are proud of their outdoor area and take pride in looking after it.

Our focus in RE has been World Wide Wonder, and looking around our outdoor classroom the children find lots of examples of Gods wonderful world and the wonderful things he has created.

And at the end of the day tea and biscuits were available for those who had earned it! Well done helpers.

A very big thank you to Mrs Shortle who organises the day and the adults!frownsurprise

God bless our little Angels!

So Christmas has arrived in the unit, the children are embracing the time of year.

And God smiled on us and sent us a Rainbow.

Another week and more and more of us are having the confidence to ride a pedal bike. Thank you Ann and Pete 🚴🏻🚴🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀

Week 5 of Balancability and we are doing fab and still having an awesome time 🚴🏻🚵🏻🚴🏻🚵🏻🚴🏻👍🏻👏🏻😀

Harvest Festival

Thursday 22nd October

Today is our Harvest Festival. We have brought some teddies in to give to the children who have nothing. We hope our teddies bring a little joy and love to these children.



Monday 21/9/2015

Today we had our first session of balancability, and what a great time we all had!

We heard fantastic comments like, "That was awesome!" and "I love it!"

The children listened carefully to Pete and Ann and tried their best to follow the instructions.

Well done everyone.

Thank you Pete and Ann and we will see you again next week! hooray! smiley

Day's Four and Five, New Starters

Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th September.


So we are all here now and the classroom is looking very busy. Still full of happy smiling faces.

We are finding our way around and have nearly got every name learnt!


We enjoyed playing with the magnets.

and we went on a journey on the train.

Stories are always popular,

and we like to draw.


The sand pit was great fun and so was the water.


We are already quite independent,

but help is on hand if we need it.


We had our first wet lunchtime, Mrs Dunn was there to help us.

One of us had a taster of balancability which starts next week.


Some of us finally got to play with old friends and some of us finally had little sisters starting.

We showed off our dance skills,

and our computer skills.

We took great care in drawing our family.

So now we are all here and we can look forward to the many adventures and challenges  that we are going to have in the year ahead.frownno


Day Three New Starters.

Friday 11th September.

So here we are again, more new starters and more smiling faces.

We made the most of the good weather today, Mrs Shortle got lots out for us to play with.


We started the day with an old favourite, painting.


We enjoyed the animals.


We had a go at writing and cutting. Look at that lovely name written so well!


The sun was shining so out we went.


To explore and investigate!


I wonder what was found?

Then it was in for lunch.




After a big play outside we joined Mrs Shortle for music.

It was fab. We really enjoyed the flower dance and listening to the rain forest was magical.


We explored the computers.


And we played with new friends inside and outside.

Some of us have completed our first week at School, even if that week consisted of one day, we are going into the weekend happy, confident and very, very tired.

We may not have eaten anything, nor have we done anything and we haven't made any  new friends! but we have had a really good, fun, friendly time not doing it!

Day Two New Starters

Thursday 10th September


And we're off again! A new day and a few more new faces.

Lots of lovely smiling happy children coming into School. Long may it last!

So today the plan was.....


To play and play and play some more.


We achieved this and then some!


We made new friends and caught up with old ones - and all of this before lunch!




Lunch was yummy, again. Thank you, Mrs Patrick.

Then it was back to it.


Exploring and making.


Working together to achieve a goal!

Mrs Shortle talks through the rules of the outside classroom and demonstrates how to ride the wiggly woos. surprise

Miss Ottley helped us and Mrs Shaw heard us read.


At the end of the day we were very tired!

A fun fab time was had by all and we're ready to do it all again tomorrow. See you then. nofrownsurprise


Our First Day At School

Wednesday 9th September

On paper, our first day looked like this!


This is the reality!

We played with the toys...

...we had fun exploring...

...we played inside and out!

We played in classroom 8 and 9.

We made things,

and we wrote things,

we did some reading with Mrs Shaw, and all before milk time. Phew!

We sat together to have our snack - yummy! Then it was back to it!

More discovering,

playing with friends, old and new.

Hands washed, prayer sang and ready for lunch.


And what a yummy lunch, thank you, Mrs Patrick.

Then back to it!

Songs with Mrs Shortle!


Water and jigsaws.


Junk modelling and paint.


Fun was had outside - Mrs Shortle put them to work!

So when they come home and say, "I played", you can see how much more

there was to it than that!

And we all look forward to doing it all again tomorrow smileysurpriseno