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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

Class 9

Welcome to Class 9

The scene was set for another spectacular sports day. 😃The parents were ready, some with tea and bacon butties in hand!☕️🐖

The children were ready, warmed up and eager to go! 😀👦👧👫👬👭

The big question in the first race! Do you jump or do you run? 😏😉

Everyone's a winner at our sports day 😄 because everyone gets a sweetie? 🍬🍬🍬

We caught all the animals before they got away, 🐭🐢🐞🐸 we each had a friend to help us? 👫👬👭

The starter said the words, Ready! Steady! Go!! We ran like the wind. 🏃💨

We did our own version of the egg and spoon. 🍳🍳

Finally old faithful, Spot the ladybird, everyone loves to spot a ladybird! 🐞🐞🐞🐞

Just an average day in the unit!

Green Fingers Day

The weather was lovely for our second Green Fingers Day and it was great to see so many mums, dads, grandparents and little ones.

We spent the afternoon digging and weeding, planting, tidying and painting. We can't wait to see if it all grows.


The shells and stones that we painted will greatly enhance the aesthetics of the sensory garden! and they look nice.frown 

We planted vegetables and flowers and we can't wait to see what grows.

We all enjoyed being out in the fresh air!

At the end of the afternoon we were all ready to go inside for a drink and a snack!

And that included the grown ups!

We would like to say a massive Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who donated something and to Mrs Shortle for organising the event and keeping us all on task!


Thank you


April 2015

World Book Day 2015

Allsorts arrived at School today,

but generally it was business as usual. We still had phonics although the leader looked a bit dodgy!

We still had free play but we also had lots of stories and we baked biscuits.


In keyworker group we read lots of stories.

Outside was open as normal and we took advantage of the glorious weather. Iron Man enjoyed the chalk and Spiderman caught a bib!


We had a visit from Rapunzel! She was a great hit!



Everyone had a brilliant day. A Big Thank you to all the parents who provided such marvellous costumes for the children. frownno

Come Along To The Fairy Tale Ball!

Once upon a time in a place not far from here 60ish children got ready to attend a Fairy Tale Ball.

What a wonderful sight to see all the children dressed in their finery, the girls looked divine dressed as Princesses and the boys looked dapper dressed in their suits and as knights.smiley As at any Ball there was dancing and food and drinks. The sprinkle sandwiches were a huge success.surprise We had some year 6 children to show us how to dance, although I'm not sure who showed who in the end.sad Cinderella and Snow White found a shoe to try on and guess who it fit! yes that's right it was Snow White! well it was Snow Whites ideafrown  We finished our afternoon watching Frozen the movie and we even had a sing a long to Let It Go, even if theses were the only three words some of us knew.



Santa Clause came to town!


And so it begins..........

On Monday 1st December Christmas officially starts at School. In the Unit we couldn't wait!

So the tree went up!

Now it just needs decorations, and on Thursday morning during key worker time we all wrote a letter to Santa to tell him that we had been good!





It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So the trees have gone up and have decorations on them.

There is one in the entrance and one in the hall.


But the best tree by far, the one that will bring a smile to any face is in the unit. Behold.....

Tuesday 2nd December

The first full run through with some costumes.

A work in progress surprise


Just another day in the Unit!

What busy days we have in the unit, the fun just doesn't stop.

Here are just a few of the things that happen on a normal surprise Monday!

Monday morning RE

On Monday morning we had RE. We talked about belonging.


We played with the cars.


We painted our feet.


We drew pictures of our families in Key Worker group.


And all of this before lunch.


We played some more.


We had Balancability,


The rain shower left little bikes all over the playground!


We stacked some cubes and watched them jump as we jumped on the springboard!


And we played outside.

This is all before 3.15pm. So when we come home tired and we say we have done nothing, please don't believe us, we deserve to be tired, we have worked hard for our tiredness.

I hope this has given you a little view into our days. no frown




On Tuesday 30th September we had a visit from the Firefighters, they brought their engine with them, it caused great excitement!

The fire engine was huge! They let us have a sit inside it and we got to try on the breathing masks. It was fab!

The engine was stuffed full of equipment.

The very kind Firefighter helped us on and off the engine.

After the fun of the engine we got to spray water out of the hose.

The water went really high.

And it went a long way.

We saw a rainbow in the spray!

Mrs Donald pretended to be a Firefighter! She got very hot.

The helmets were really heavy.

We had loads of fun.

I think the Firefighters thought Mrs Donald looked funny.

We were very glad they came and we said a great big thank you to them.

Thank you nofrown

What we did on Book Day.

We had a really strange day on Friday 3rd, we came to school in our pyjamas!

It was book day and we all brought a book to school with us. We had fun reading them.

Even Mrs Taylor forgot to get dressed!

We shared our books.

We read together and..

We read alone.

There were so many books to choose from.

We love our weird and wonderful days at school and look forward to lots more in the year.surprise

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