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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

Class 8

Welcome to Class 8 2014


And so here we are again, another year, another sports day. The sun is shining ish! The parents are ready, the children are ready, the staff are always ready!! 😃☀️

First up the sack race. So climb in hold up and off we go. 👊👊👍

Then we get to race with a friend in the aptly named animal and bucket race where you have to pick up an animal and put it into a bucket 🐶🐤🐸🐢🐙 hahaa.

Then back to normal with a good old fashioned running race! 🏃💨🏃💨

Our take on the egg and spoon which involved an animal on a bat! 🍳🍳

And finally the ladybird, everyone took part and everyone had fun. 🐞🐞🐞🐞😊

Here is a little glimpse into what we get up to in the Unit.


We have fun in the rice, although it's no good for making castles!


We put together number puzzles.


We build with the construction.


We work hard on our literacy.


We play hopscotch outside.


We play in the Home Corner.


We love junk modelling.


We go to the library to work on the computers, we have been reading the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Our days are always full - it's no wonder we are sometimes tired when we get home.

I hope you enjoy seeing what we do, because we enjoy doing it! frown no

Come Along To The Fairy Tale Ball!


Once upon a time in a place not far from here 60ish children got ready to attend a Fairy Tale Ball.

What a wonderful sight to see all the children dressed in their finery, the girls looked divine dressed as Princesses and the boys looked dapper dressed in their suits and as knights.smiley As at any Ball there was dancing and food and drinks. The sprinkle sandwiches were a huge success.surprise We had some year 6 children to show us how to dance, although I'm not sure who showed who in the end.sad Cinderella and Snow White found a shoe to try on and guess who it fit! yes that's right it was Snow White! well it was Snow Whites ideafrown  We finished our afternoon watching Frozen the movie and we even had a sing a long to Let It Go, even if theses were the only three words some of us knew.


On Tuesday 30th September the firemen came to visit. They brought their kit and their fire engine with them.

They let us climb on the fire engine and spray water with the hose.

The fireman was very kind, he helped us on and off the engine.

They let us try on the breathing masks.

 We all had a go at spraying the water.


The fireman got a bit wet!


You have to be strong to pull the lever.


When the hose is full of water it is heavy.


The rest of the infants came to see.


We were tempted to spray them, but we didn't.


We had a lovely time with the fire brigade and said a great big thank you to them when they left.

We hope they will visit again. nosurprise

What we did at school today!

We had a strange day at school today, everyone forgot to get dressed, the children forgot and the teachers forgot!

We got confused and thought it was bedtime!

We read our stories together.

We read books online.


We re-enacted the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Mrs Shaw still did her reading.

There were so many fantastic books to read.

We had a go at writing about the books that we like.

We had a lovely, strange day, and we look forward to having lots more throughout the year. laugh