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Class 3

Welcome to the Class 3 page!

Welcome to the summer term! 


Welcome back to our last half term of this school year!  Don't forget Y5 that you are going to Scarborough college on Tuesday 6th June for a Science investigation day - you do not need any lunch as it will be provided! Check back on Wednesday for some pictures of the day!  Please ensure all PE kits are in school each day this term.  We have sports events and sports days coming up and will try and get outside as much as possible whilst the lovely weather is here!  Also PLEASE don't forget to wear sun cream on hot days, keep it in your bag just in case!

Summer term 2 curriculum letter

A fantastic day has been experienced at Eden Camp today! It was very hot but armed with sun cream, hats and plenty of drinks we set off for an action packed day!  We had the opportunity to walk through a London street Blitz, enter a U-boat, look at life in the trenches in WW1 and much more. The puppet show was enjoyed by all and the front 3 rows got a good soaking - which was very welcome during the heat wave today! Time went very quickly and a quick trip to the gift shop, last photos taken and we were on our way back to Scarborough.  Class 3 you were brilliant today with your questions, manners and helpfulness towards other, thank you - Mrs Logue!
After a successful term finding out about WW2 Class 3 have requested that we look at WW1 and explore the differences and similarities between WW2 and WW1. This topic will evolve over the half term and allow the children to steer their own learning if they have a particular interest. We are going to end this half term with a trip to Eden camp and a VE day party!

Curriculum plan letter

The Blitz!! We have experienced what it would have been like to work in a cramped shelter whilst the air raid siren sounded!

 We are Class 3 2016 - 2017! 

Happy New Year!

We have all made an excellent start to the new term and already working very hard! We are going to try really hard in the areas of concentration and trying new things this term.  Y4 are off to East Barnby very soon so we shall spend some time preparing for the exciting challenges that lay ahead!

January 2017

This term we are learning about "The Battle of Britain"!

We will be find out how WW2 started, who was involved, and what happened during this time in History. 

We have already started the topic and the children have shown great enthusiasm already and we have even acquired a real gas mask and helmet for the children to look at.  Our own Class 3 War Heroes board has been developed and will feature photographs of Class 3's great grandparents, family members or family friends who were involved in the war in various ways. This term is going to be full of learning and fun!

Don't forget to send in photos for our board!

Busy preparing for a war!

We have been busy this week consolidating our work on rainforests!  We have produced 3D rainforests in a box!  We think they look amazing!
Y5 have already been on their first forest school day to Alistair's Wood.  We had a great day in the forest making hot chocolate mountains with marshmallows, painting maps using natural dyes and creating forest art based on "The Fantastic Flying Journey."  We also did some orienteering, which we may have to do again as no one completed the challenge set of finding all 12 stations!  A great day, thank you Y5!
We have been very creative and made hot air balloons - the Belladonna!  We are following the Belladonna on the journey around the world!  What do you think of some of these?