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Academic Resilience

Bounce back together,

Bounce back stronger.


At St Martin's academic resilience is incredibly important. 


What is Resilience?

“Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from adversity and resilience individuals, families and communities are more able to deal with difficulties and adversities than those with less resilience” (Building resilience and young people’s resilience in schools, Public Health England 2014)


What is Academic Resilience?

‘Academic resilience means pupils achieving good educational outcomes despite adversity. For schools, promoting it involves strategic planning and detailed practice involving the whole school community to help vulnerable young people do better than their circumstances might have predicted. This then has a universal impact on all pupils.


Academic Resilience 

This capacity to cope with adversity, and even be strengthened by it, is at the heart of resilience.

It is not something that people either have or don’t have – resilience is learnable and teachable and as we learn we increase the range of strategies available to us when things get difficult.

The framework provides a range of tools for schools to use to increase their understanding of how to ‘close the gap’ for the most vulnerable children and young people as well as exploring how the systems and processes in their own schools help to build resilience for all pupils.

Academic resilience considers how to support all pupils in a school, giving them skills and strategies to cope with these adversities, if and when they are exposed to them.