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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

In the Spotlight

Disney Musical Came To School.

On Thursday 11th December the Young Peoples Theatre Group from Scarborough Sixth Form Performing Arts came to school to preform songs and dance to the infants.

The children had a lovely time.


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The Day We Started School no

We all came to School smiley. smiley We found lots of fun things to do!

We played in the sand, we played outside. We played on the computer and we had a fab lunch. We had fish fingers and chips! Yummy! frown

We drew pictures and some of us even showed off our writing skills. Wow!

We found a dinosaur puzzle in the sand - it was really tricky to put together.











The lunch hall was a little bit noisy but we did enjoy our lunch.


It was so warm that we played outside, that was fab if a little bit wet!


Some of us were Princesses going to the beach.

One of our tasks was to paint a picture of ourselves. We are a beautiful bunch.


We played with trains and cars.


We have had a fab 1st day and we look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow. smiley