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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

East Barnby 2012 - Day One

The snow over the weekend made getting to School a little tricky for some of us but it was a welcome sight to see the East Barnby bus waiting for us as we arrived with our huge suitcases. Daniel had some secret, very important stowaway items that were slipped into Miss Brown's car (yes, she decided this year would be the last year she would go!), Mrs. Bortoft did the same with a large parcel of something linked to Joshua B. and, when we all gathered together for Mrs. Logue to check we were all here, it was clear the popular group colour was very much pink! Then luggage in the boot, sunshine on sparkly snow, some very brave parents - and we were off!

We were hugely grateful to Lucas and Jacob who were not a single bit sick in the front of the bus (the driver was ecstatic), to Mrs. Adamson, who ran about and got together the bits we had forgotten to take and to Mrs. Carr, who brought them to East Barnby when Miss Brown did not check the bits were in the car! Mike and Chris came out to give us a great big East Barnby welcome and then the action started.

Luggage was taken to dormitories, opened up and the contents strewn artistically across floors in seconds. Mrs. Shortle would have loved the flurry of colour and textures as everybody's socks, towels and carefully packed items joined up with everybody else's in a very friendly fashion. Ellie's Mum had packaged every day's clothes up in different bags with the day marked on them - she stands a good chance of wearing different vests every day. Issie's Mum had left little notes with kisses, so Issie was well chuffed. Not sure how the boys fared - bit scared to go and have a look, really. As usual the boys were first up to lunch whilst the girls' beds were all made - sorry, Boys if your beds were all well made too!

Lunch was baked potatoes with all sorts of stuff that could be put with them, followed by fruit. Lots of things were explained, we listened to the fire alarm ring then we were off to put on very red waterproofs and wellies and, in our groups, travel to Beck Scrambling. Golly, it was snowy! 




Everyone was very brave and tried everything. Some people were stars at the activities - Mr. Teasdale reported that Che completed everything with enthusiasm and courage, Mrs. Logue said that so many of her group helped to warm cold people up by sharing gloves and hats and Mr. Clayton said that Maizey kept him very entertained as she potholed!




As the light disappeared, everyone returned to hot showers, lots of laughter, piles of wet clothes and the delight that was spaghetti bolognese for tea. Tuck followed - lots of pressie were bought, lost and found, then we spent some time completing our diaries, writing our cards home (Miss Brown will post them tomorrow), followed by some impressive orienteering by torch light.  Arron, Toby, Jackson and Matthew's group found the most items and were kept on their toes by Mr.Teasdale, who was a strict Keeper of the Right Answers. 




Whilst everyone went out to play the last game of Find the Pink Hippo Torch, Mrs. Logue and Miss Brown made Supper for us and Linton upon Ouse School, who are sharing the Centre with us this week (Lindhead are joining us on Wednesday).  Then off once more, to our final destination of the day, our dormitories for our midnight feast - shhhh! Have to keep it quiet, the other school aren't having one!  It was a late finish, some of us were missing home but we were nearly all asleep before Monday turned to Tuesday.  Day One complete - phew!


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