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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

East Barnby 2010 - Day 4

(Insert Geordie accent here) > Day 4 at East Barnby and all the waterproofs have got jumbled up again.

Bacon always tastes better when it is cooked for you. It tastes even better than that when the washing up is done for you too - Breakfast was superb as always.

Day 4 saw all the groups going out onto the seashore at Runswick Bay. A brief stint rockpooling saw Max find one of the largest Hermit Crabs ever found and lots of gloves getting very wet.



Following this, we went on a fossil hunt with rich pickings to go at. Robert even managed to find a fossil during the "You've got to look hard - they won't jump out at you!" speech. Sadly, Mr. Tomlinson decided to sing, which caused a small landslide; thankfully, this did not affect our hunt for 150 million year old ammon...annom...rocks. From here we strolled through the village to the other side where we had a 'Who can create the best Mr. Bortoft lookalike?' competition, which Lauren and Katie managed to win.



After another rip-roaring lunch back at base, we ventured out together once more to Allen Top to have a go at orienteering. We had an 'above average' group apparently (I think they must say that to all the groups). Some people (*coughs* Katie *coughs* Lauren) decided that they could do the whole course without any need to bother coming back but everyone did very well. We even had the chance to use the electronic orienteering devices and print off our results. Even some sheep were inspired to join our race!




After soup, lasagne, garlic bread, potato wedges and ice cream we were ready for action! Diaries were written, tuck was bought and soon it was time for the talent show!

And what a show it was! Congratulations to everyone who took part in it and made it the best talent show ever!

Miss Brown laid out a very special end of week banquet for everyone to enjoy:



And then the action began...

From trombones to poems, from delicate dancing to rhythmic trumping, the show had it all. Well done to Jasmine for her great dance and being brave enough to go first! To Matthew and his trusty trombone, Max and his cleverly written poem, Katie and her spoon and the beautiful rendition of 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' from the boys brought a tear to everyone's eyes.



Well done also to Jade and her super voice, Molly and her guitar, Hannah and Sarah and their very artistic performance and of course Tom and Domino the Dinosaur with their very special display:



The grand finale of our show was the wonderful Mrs. Fitzpatrick and the Mulgrave girls! Thanks also to Noah for not doing his dance-much appreciated Noah!

The evening also saw the 2nd annual Easty Awards!!

Award winners included:

Hat of the Year: Matthew!
Slippers of the Year: Ethan!
Clive's Best Friend Award: Alex!
Swimmer of the Year: Daisy!
Red Things Wearer of the Year: Abi!
Hot Chocolate Maker of the Year: Emily!
Effort and Enthusiasm in Cold Conditions: Mrs. Fitzpatrick!
Waterproof Sorter of the Year: Mr. Tomlinson!
Towel of the Year/Cheeky Monkey of the Year: Noah!

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