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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

East Barnby 2010 - Day 3

Ok, so by now, all you Chief Clearer Uppers at home would be losing the will with the state of the bedrooms and that's just Mr. Clayton and Mr. Tomlinson!  Bacon and eggy bread and the prospect of a day of canoeing, made getting out of bed worth the effort.  Many agree that this was one of the best experiences at East Barnby, together with the sight of Matthew S. in his prize winning hat!  His omnipresent grin and nifty headgear have contributed to our decision to collate all photos of him (and the others) on a disc that you might like to buy in aid of School Funds (more of that later).

Canoeing from Ruswarp to Whitby harbour was the challenge of the day.  Many feared it, all achieved it.  Words like 'Wicked!', 'Brilliant!', 'Well Good!' were used when telling the story of the day.  Other contributions included 'Really cold on your face' - Ethan, 'Hard work going round in circles' - Mr. Tomlinson, 'Thought I was going to lose my life at the front of the boat going over the waterfall but it was one of the best things I've done so far' - (Isaac).


Every day is stuffed full of new experiences and today was no exception.  Fire making, Adventure coursing and Bum Boarding proved highly popular, all more heart stopping activities for Parents /Carers!  No lives were lost and all retired happily to eat yet another generously portioned meal - soup followed by chicken pie, mashed potatoes and vegetables and rounded off by Arctic Roll (how apt!) was just what was needed. Tuck completed the menu. A short burst of quality diary writing was followed by highly competitive games of Beetle. Competitive for the adults more than the children, I think! Lauren's creative Beetle design won the event and, after supper, we all were asleep by 22.45, dreaming of the day ahead... 

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