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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

East Barnby 2010 - Day 2

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Alex and Isaac leapt out of bed at 07.15, having been the last two people to fall asleep the night before! Everyone followed, discovering that sharing a space with seven other people is not easy. Much singing in the shower from the boys was followed by the dreaded room inspection. Mr. Clayton must be schmoozed and guided to see that the piles under the bed are organised storage and that nobody owns the festering sock on the window sill. Humber Dorm won (William, Tom R., Tom. M., Max, Ethan, Robert and Reo).

We breakfasted on cereal, scrambled egg, toast and tea and then were up and at the day ahead. Groups 1 & 2 drove a little way to Barnby Beck, where they proceeded to find out about the flow of the water, the effect it had on the land around and (best of all) the creatures that live in the clear and often fast flowing water. The day was beautifully sunny, many critters were found and Jade won the prize for 'the Most Water in One Wellie Boot' competition. 


Up,Up and Away

Group 3 mastered the art of rock climbing and there was no stopping them! It's no mean feat to reach the top - and there is coming down again! Amy was Queen of the Heights reaching the top the brown way.

In the afternoon groups swapped activities and Jasmine and discovered that oranges have reverse gears when floating in currents (ref. Page 27, Clayton's Claptrap Cornucopia).

Groups 1 & 2 found that Mulgrave Woods is superb for Shelter building, even in sub-zero Icelandic conditions. Shelters needed to stand up to the elements and Mike was certain that Molly's group's shelter, with its weatherproof roof, did just that.


Despite eating rolls,biscuits, fruit and drink for lunch, everyone was really hungry by tea time. 

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