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Holbeck Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BW

East Barnby 2010 - Day 1

Beck Scrambling!

The bus journey from School was quick and easy.  There is still a lot of snow on the moors and we were all trying to remember exactly how many layers we had brought with us as we were surely going to need them! 

There was a bit of confusion about which dormitories we were in but this was quickly sorted out and we all started on preparing the great game of 'Whose pants are these?' and 'I can't find my coat!'.  The dorms were really toasty warm, a bit too warm for some of us and, believe it or not, we ended up turning off radiators and opening windows.  The Girls room in Forth quickly became a black hole where many things have gone, never to be seen again! 

Lunch was at Centre and was a combination of juice to start, baked potato, cheese and beans with fruit to finish.  We are here with Linton School and Beavers Hall School from York.  It was good to hear that the Staff were pleased with the way we are picking up the rules and appeared delighted at the dull roar that was the noise level at mealtimes.

We've all been kitted out with red waterproofs that are devilishly difficult to get on and off - we keep 'losing' our own suit in the small area we store them in.  Boy, were we glad we had them when we went Beck Scrambling!


You can see why!  We are in three groups, each group with one St. Martin's adult and Centre staff.  It was blooming cold!  Group 3 were fearless, Justin said, up for anything and delighting him with their positive attitude. Amy has special mention - not only attempting acts of great bravery but also helping others around her.  You could tell how much she had put into the activities as she quickly polished off two large portions of marbled sponge cake and custard at Dinner!

There were many very cold and weary people ready for hot showers and sweet and sour chicken and rice for Dinner.  It's amazing how quickly children can find a second wind!  A visit to Tuck Shop was popular, with Mr. Tomlinson and Miss Brown as shopkeepers.  This was followed by a short stint of diary writing, with Noah, Lauren, Zara and so many others completed brilliant front covers - we'll show you some later when they're finished.

Collecting our torches and forming our teams, we spent a very busy hour orienteering by torchlight.  It only hailed twice (!) so we were able to finish and find our winners - Zara, Millie, Abi and Ellie's team with 10 points.

Bourbon biscuits, excellent hot chocolate made by Mrs. Fitzpatrick and ably cleared up by Mr. Clayton meant the eating and drinking for the day was complete - or was it? Whilst Mr. Tomlinson laid the tables for breakfast tomorrow, the rest of us said 'Goodnight' as we brushed our teeth and went straight to bed - yeah, right! 

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